Cancelation Policy

Please call and cancel within 24 hours of your appointment.

Sometimes emergencies arise (medical, car trouble, bereavement, etc.), and I do have a policy of forgiveness in these cases, however, if emergencies continue to happen week after week, I’m going to need to be compensated for the time and energy I put into preparing for a healing session.

Missed or cancelled appointments (emergencies excluded) without 24 hour notice will be charged in full for the missed session.

Illness Policy

On my part: If I am not feeling well I will inform you as soon as possible. If I feel like I am catching something but still able to conduct a massage, I will give you the choice to receive a massage or reschedule.

On your part: If you feel like you may be coming down with something, but you are well enough to attend a therapeutic session, please inform me. As a self employed person, sick days are not compensated for me, and can be physically and financially stressful. If you let me know of the risk I can prepare accordingly by wearing a mask and protecting my immune system or rescheduling for a better time. Thank you for your understanding.